Hand Sanitiser

Liquid hand sanitiser.

Keep germs at bay and sanitise your hands.
This is all natural product.
Fast drying.

All natural anti-bacterial hand & surface sanitiser.

Hand Sanitiser


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Hand Sanitiser


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Hand Sanitiser


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Hand Sanitiser

1 Litre

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Rising demand for hand sanitiser caused by the COVID-19 has led to an Australian shortage. Reva is a local business using its long standing expertise to respond to the need to boost supplies. Governed and in compliance with the strict Australian safety requirements, the ingredients comply with the World Health Organisation. In particular, the formulation contains the following ingredients

Ethanol 80%
Sterile Water
Hydrogen peroxide
does not contain active or inactive ingredients, including colours, fragrances or emollients
Defined by the Therapeutic Goods (Excluding Goods – Hand Sanitisers) Determination 2020, alcohol concentrations are tested on each production batch and manufactured under sanitary conditions at our Victorian factory.

Usage Instructions:

No rinse. Use without water.
Instant drying when applied to skin.