A wax seal with the text Made in Australia with kangaroo

i-GLIDE … you-GLIDE … we-all-GLIDE! Are you ready to be amazed? Introducing iGLIDE from Reva, the innovative and revolutionary new product line developed with both the unisex client and therapist in mind. iGLIDE offers a superior level of comfort and practical application without the constraints or limitations of traditional wax products. EASY APPLICATION … apply a thin coat to the treatment area … wait until touch dry and simply peel off! IDEAL FOR … eyebrow contouring and other facial areas … underarms … XXX! iGLIDE from Reva is;

… super flexible at low temperature … removes hair as short as 1mm … up to 50% less “sticky” than traditional wax products … remains flexible at body temperature from application to removal!

iGLIDE is super economical in comparison to traditional waxes and bonds to hair – not skin – instantly to minimise potential skin stress and discomfort. The advanced iGLIDE formula is designed not to adhere to surfaces or to hands during application and is applied as a very thin layer to achieve maximum results – unlike the customary application of thick traditional wax products!

Reva has developed new packaging which does not include foil! With our simple “snap off” block, YOU now control the amount of wax YOU require! No more painful foil cuts or the tedious process involved in breaking traditional wax from a block.

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