Magnesium Oil – Relaxation with Lemongrass



Reva Magnesium oil may have therapeutic benefits in assisting in the treatment of skin inflammation and help with the healing process.

Reva Magnesium oil is a natural spray used topically and ideal for transdermal magnesium therapy.

Use as a refreshing spray, massage supplement or for muscle and joint relief.

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NOTE: Avoid spraying directly into eyes. Store away from direct sunlight.

ALWAYS test magnesium oil on a small area on the skin. If irritation occurs stop usage. If tingling occurs limit amount applied and dilute strength with water.

Keep out of reach of children

Shake well before use.

Please note: Magnesium oil is the name given by the industry,product has the viscosity of water and does not have true properties of a typical oil.

Contains Lemongrass essential oil

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